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The Art of Undercover:
Techniques and Survival

By Charlie Fuller

In this insightful 164 page book, retired ATF Agent Charlie Fuller offers a veterans view on the significant issues facing undercover law enforcement officers today.
Fuller takes his readers on a personal journey, exploring the techniques used by successful law enforcement professionals who work undercover.  The essays are peppered with personal anecdotes and real-life examples of undercover operations--both successful and unsuccessful.  Fuller wants you to learn from his mistakes.  So he covers a wide range of topics, from what you should carry in your wallet as an undercover officer to protecting yourself in times of danger.  He's even included a sample operational plan, so you can apply the material in this book to your undercover situations.
The Art of Undercover:  Techniques and Survival is a
"must-read" for all law enforcement professionals working or thinking about working undercover.

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