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International Association of Undercover Officers
The International Association of Undercover Officers was established for the purpose of promoting safety and professionalism among undercover officers. The association continues to foster mutual cooperation, discussion and interests among its members. It provides a vast international network of intelligence gathering means for todays undercover officer.
The use of undercover as an investigative technique has grown into all areas of criminal investigations. The association will provide a confidential database that will facilitate networking, investigative techniques, current trends, activities of specific criminal organizations, new products and equipment, identify funding sources and assist in the establishment and management of undercover units. All law enforcement personnel will benefit from membership in this association.


Pro-Tech Sales - Cleveland, OH
Offers a complete line of Specialty Audio & Video intelligence gathering equipment to Law Enforcement Agencies at the Federal, State and Local levels all across the United States.

International Training Academy for Linguistics and Kinesics
Bringing together instructors immensely qualified through extensive academic research and practical application, ITALK™ offers a multi-disciplined cadre presenting material that is timely, helpful and designed to increase the productivity of organizations attending subject presentations, or using our consulting services. Our students have learned how to Assess Personalities, Mental Defenses, Improve Rapport, Evaluate Verbal Statements and Body Language in reaching goals of exploring and resolving circumstances commonly found in the private and public sector. The owner and operator of this business is Steve Rhoads.

Law Enforcement Links
A great website which can take you almost anywhere you want to go in law enforcement related web sites.

California Narcotics Officers Association
CNOA represents member officers in various law enforcement agencies throughout California. These dedicated men and women are your first line of defense against the proliferation of illegal drugs in our state.

Undercover Props
Are you tired of lookin' so good? We makes the world' s finest fake teeth. Since 1986.

As a public service, we shall strive to maintain the most comprehensive and user friendly law enforcement web site in the world. The Directory shall always be fast, with a minimum of graphics, while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing interface. We will only accept advertisers that offer law enforcement related products and services.

The International Narcotics Interdiction Association, Inc.
A non-profit, professional and educational association of local, state, federal and foreign law enforcement. The I.N.I.A. was formed for, and is dedicated to, providing the highest quality, experience-based, training for law enforcement professionals worldwide.

Cop Spot
The Home Of Free Criminal Justice Career and Training Information.

National Drug Strategy Network
Undercover Agents' Urging of Defendants to Cook Powder into Crack Cocaine Is Not Sentence Entrapment; Crack Cocaine Mandatory Minimum Is Not Cruel or Unusual Punishment, DC Circuit Court of Appeals Rules.

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