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Covert Operations Program Specialists uses many instructors in its training program. Here a list of instructors that are used frequently.

Charlie Fuller - Charlie is the founder of the company and is a retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Special Agent. Charlie has over 27 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in undercover, electronic surveillance and training. He was a Program Manager at the ATF National Academy for six years. While at the Academy, he was responsible for the Undercover and Field Operations Training Programs. Charlie currently presents undercover, electronic surveillance, physical surveillance and high risk entry tactics training programs nationwide. Charlie is also the author of The Art of Undercover: Techniques and Survival, the complete book on Ahow to@ work undercover. You can e-mail Charlie at copsusa@aol.com

Ken King - Ken is a retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Supervisor. Ken has over 26 years of law enforcement experience with expertise in undercover and high risk entry tactics. He was the team leader for the ATF New Orleans Special Response Team (SRT) and concluded his ATF career as a Program Manger for ATF=s SRT Training Program at Fort McClellan, AL. Ken was a SRT Team Leader at Waco and has developed a case study, "Lessons Learned," and "Psychology of Survival" Training Programs based on his experiences at Waco. You can e-mail Ken at kenandlee@aol.com

Gayland Hammack - Gayland is a Sergeant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He is assigned to the Organized Crime Bureau, Criminal Intelligence Section. Gayland has over 19 years of law enforcement experience with the Las Vegas Police Department. He is a supervisor with the Intelligence Section which is responsible for conducting complex long term covert operations. He has many years of experience in undercover, electronic surveillance and training. Gayland is also the owner of the International Training Institute which provides training to law enforcement officers nationwide. You can e-mail Gayland at Ham56iti@aol.com

Rad Fox - Rad is a retired Sergeant with the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department. He has over 25 years of law enforcement experience. While at Ft. Lauderdale Police Department, Rad conducted numerous long term undercover investigations of outlaw bikers, organized crime and narcotics importers and dealers. He was also in charge of their Technical Equipment Section which was responsible for all the department=s electronic and video surveillance activities. Rad is the owner of Undercover Surveillance Associates, Inc., a company that provides undercover and surveillance training nationwide. You can e-mail Rad at foxrad@gate.net

Alan Walker - Alan is a Detective with the Jackson County Drug Task Force, Blue Springs, MO. Alan has over 16 years of law enforcement experience, the majority of which has been spent in undercover operations. He has developed a special Force on Force training program tailored especially for undercover officers. He demonstrates methods and techniques non-uniform officers can use to survive violent confrontations while working undercover. In addition to being an instructor, Alan has a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Ju-jitsu, a Black Belt in Judo and a Black Belt in Gung Fu.

Pat Kelly - Pat is a retired Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. Pat has over 33 years active law enforcement experience, having served 12 years as a police officer in Kansas City, Missouri as patrolman and detective, and 20 years as a special agent. While serving as a detective he was a member of a 50 man Metropolitan Major Case Unit, which worked on high profile homicides and rapes in a 16 county metro area, as well as serving as a assistant Medical Examiner investigating all deaths in a county wide area of jurisdiction. While serving as Special Agent, Pat was transferred to Washington, D.C. in Special Operations Division and stationed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA. where he coordinated the development of a Undercover Investigative Techniques Training Program for State and Local officers and managed the delivery of that program as well other programs from 1982 to 1988 when he retired from active law enforcement. Pat=s expertise is in the fields of Conspiracy, investigation of organized crime, bombings, long term and short term undercover operations, and both electronic and physical surveillance. You can E-mail Pat at kellyp1932@yahoo.com

Dr. Lawrence N. Blum, Ph.D - Dr. Blum is a Clinical Police Psychologist who serves law enforcement agencies in the Los Angeles and Orange County, CA areas. He specializes in the treatment of police officers involved in both traumatic incidents and accumulated law enforcement stress. He is a consultant to police departments and police associations throughout the United States on management of police stress, and psychological debriefing techniques to maintain the health and safety of law enforcement officers. He can also deadlift more weight than anyone I know. You can e-mail Dr. Blum at DrDealLift@aol.com

Jean-Pierre (J.P.) Maurice - J.P. is a Detective/Constable with the Peel Regional Police, Ontario, Canada. He has 17 years of law enforcement experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Peel Regional Police. He is a tactical intelligence team leader responsible for conducting long-term covert operations as well as physical and electronic surveillance. He has many years of experience in undercover, surveillance and training of undercover field operatives.

Matthew McNamara - Matt McNamara is a Detective currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division, Des Plaines, IL Police Department. He currently works general cases ranging from murder, robbery, and burglary investigations, and was previously assigned to the Tactical Unit as an undercover officers engaged in all narcotics investigations. Matt is also assigned to the Department's Tactical Response Team. Matt is a advanced firearms instructor, and an instructor for building searches and close quarter defense tactics for undercover officers. You can e-mail Matt at mmcnamar@dppd.des-plaines.il.us

Pete Mastin - Pete is retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as the Chief, ATF National Academy, with 30 years of ATF service. An additional five years as a city police officer and detective began his career. A graduate of the Hazardous Device School at the Redstone Arsenal, he was a Special Agent in Charge with ATF for 11 years and was the Deputy Incident Commander on the ground during the Waco incident. Specialities in the instructional area are in case management issues, lessons learned from critical incidents, peer support development and organization, explosives investigations and personnel management. You can e-mail Pete at ebch@thebest.net

Dave Redemann - Detective, Seattle Police Department. Assigned to a special undercover investigation for the Seattle Police Department and other Federal agencies which has been in operation for almost a year. Dave worked a four year deep undercover investigation and has been involved in undercover operations for most of his 14 years of law enforcement experience. He designed and presents an 80 hour Basic and Advanced Undercover School for the State of Washington and Seattle PD, where he developed his reputation as a skilled instructor. Dave is also the Training Coordinator for the Western States Vice Association.

Ron Shreves - - Lieutenant, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Lancaster, CA Station. He has 28 years of law enforcement experience and is presently the Commander of the Sheriff’s Lancaster Station Detective Bureau. Ron is an accomplished supervisor of undercover operations and currently manages the Lancaster Station Covert Operations. Based on his past and present activities, Ron has become somewhat of an expert in the creation, maintenance and termination of successful storefront sting operations.

Carl "Ed" Spiva - A 25 year veteran Law Enforcement Officer known to his friends and associates as Ed, is a Training Coordinator for the State Of Georgia at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth Georgia. He began his Law Enforcement Career in 1974 in South Carolina and has worked as a general-patrol officer, a sergeant in crime prevention and public relations and a detective in undercover drug operations. In 1980, he joined the Chatham County Police Department and became a member of the Metropolitan Drug Squad in December of 1982. He remained on the drug unit until June of 1993, save for temporary duty assignments with the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force and the U.S. Marshals Service fugitive squad. In 1993, Ed vested his time with Chatham County and contracted with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of Special Investigation for the Air Force , Internal Revenue Service, Army Special Forces and other State, Federal and Local Law Enforcement agencies in twenty-six States and Central America to instruct classes . He became a Police Officers Standards and Training certified instructor in 1987, and has given classes for the Georgia Police Academy, the Governors Organized Crime Prevention Council the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy and other law enforcement academies. In June 1995, Ed started teaching full time at the Georgia Police Academy where he specializes in Drug Enforcement, Electronic Surveillance and Gang Organizations. Ed is a well know and very respected instructor in the law enforcement community. His knowledge and skills in communicating with the students is outstanding.  You can e-mail Ed at espiva@gpstc.state.ga.us.

Chris Cannon - Chris is a Sergeant with the Walton County Sheriff's Department in Monroe, GA, and is the Commander of the Narcotics Division.  He has over 14 years of law enforcement experience and served nine years as an undercover agent with the East Metro Drug Enforcement Team in Conyers, GA.  Chris is an accomplished instructor and has also testified as an expert witness in the area of Narcotics Investigations and Undercover Operations.    You can e-mail Chris at FlyIce703@aol.com 

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